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The Taste of Life

Her heart was restless. She yearned for a getaway, to relax and empty both her heart and her sorrow, to freshen up her normal routines, and that was how she decided to travel to Vietnam, an S-shaped country with a long history of Arts and Traditions. After a 7-hour-flight, the only thing that came to her mind was how comfortable she hoped the hotel would be. The change in weather and the long flight were always rough on her, but the excitement never let her down. To her relief, the first thing that welcomed her was the elegant yet vintage entrance of the 5 star design hotel she was staying at: Hotel Des Arts, Sai Gon.

Walking to the reception, she was amazed not just by the sight of the luxurious and lavish place, but the warm, fluffy, fresh smell. It felt like a hug of familiar at an unfamiliar place. From the pictures on the wall to the antiques on every hall, the hotel was filled with memories of the past. The staff greeted her and the check-in was done smoothly. But her surprise did not end there. If she could use one image to describe how she felt about the room, it was like Cinderella walking into her pumpkin carriage. The room itself was pristine and chic, but it was not everything. She was provided with not only the usual commodity most hotels offer, but a wide selection of women’s ultimate tools for confidence and pampering such as makeup remover wipes and steam iron. As the hotel sits at the center of Sai Gon, she was given the view of the beautiful and bustling city, which, she was told, never rests. As she sank herself into the cozy, soft bed, she smiled as she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply the sweet, airy fragrance.

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