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Delicatessen Night

Elevating the ordinary Wine & Cheese night, Hôtel des Arts Saigon invites guests, partners and friends to join the nostalgic journey to the old days in Europe in 1930s.

It is told that long ago lived an old delicatessen merchant, Mr. Marcel, who resided right opposite the Gentlemen Club in London. There has always been something about this old man that trigger people’s curiosity. Nobody ever knows where he came from or why and how he ended up in London. Some said he came from France but nobody was sure about his nationality as he spoke French, with an unknown accent though.

He used to bring his best gourmet food to the Club and pair them with the premium beverages of the bar, and it soon became a legendary event of the delicatessen night started by the two old friends. People come to the night for fine wines and the best cheeses, yet most of all, they come to learn more about the myths around Mr. Marcel, the mysterious merchant lived in 1930s.

At the time being, the Hotel would like to relive the legend by inviting guests to immerse themselves in an unique atmosphere, experience all the fine wines that pair with premium cold-cuts and cheese right at the iconic Victorian oak-wood vintage bar.

Listen carefully from the oak-wood bar, one might hear the voice from the past whispering to their ears.

Cork and Cheese, Cold Cuts and Grissini, Good Wines and Good Friends

Jazz Live Performance

Right at our iconic Social Club vintage bar!

This is Delicatessen Night!

Every Wednesday | 6:30pm to 8:30pm

VND 588,000++ per guest





  • Included in this offer

    • Free flow of premium wines and an array of artisan delicacies

The story unfolds...

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