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In this part 2 of discovering what’s around Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street, we will take you on a tour to some of the most prominent attractions in town. There must-visit attraction are only steps away from Hotel Des Arts. You can choose to easily navigate to these attractions either on foot or by a short taxi ride.

Reunification Palace

If you’re interested in studying about the Vietnam War, then you definitely shouldn’t miss out on this iconic building – The Reunification Palace. In the revolutionary year of 1975, The Reunification Palace witnessed the heroic victory of Vietnam with a tank crashing through its main gate, signaling the defeat of the current Ngo Dinh Diem government. It is also a symbol of relief, an end to the struggling years of war that Vietnam had suffered.

Nowadays, The Reunification Palace serves as a place for political gatherings on a national scale. The palace keeps its own structure and floor maps, so visitors can pretty much see the stories that happened inside the building, from the military strategy room to a general’s bedroom.

Notre Dame Cathedral


The cathedral is one of the most prominent hallmarks of French architecture in Saigon. In 1880s, the French colonist built the Notre Dame. Later in 1962, the Vatican granted it the status of Basilica and gave it the official name of Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica. In 2005, there was this news circling around the Virgin Mary statue shed tears, making flocks of religious and nonreligious folks to come and see the holy phenomenon.

The cathedral has been doing a wonderful job at maintaining the facade and the overall structure. For visitors, it is advised that you should come on Sunday’s morning mass to witness the religious experience happening in one of the most respected church in Vietnam.



Central Post Office

The man behind Central Post Office is Gustav Eiffel – the very architect for Eiffel tower and Statue of Liberty, so it is naturally visitors would fall in love with the magnificent architecture of this place.

The post office was built between 1886 and 1891. Until today, the post office still keeps it interior details to perfect condition. Stepping inside the post office, one will be amazed by the resemblance it bear s to an old museum in the heart of Europe. The high ceiling and spacious waiting area reminds us of old time’s sakes, when all communication including phone calls and mail is made through a post office.


This issue has completed our series about Nguyen Thi Minh Khai and the street bearing her name. Hotel Des Arts team are always working on more local content to provide our readers with inside stories about Saigon. If you are a lover of Saigon or simply a tourist of this beautiful city who would like to read more, please subscribe to our exclusive travel journal!


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  • part-3-where-to-go-on-nguyen-thi-minh-khai-street


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