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  • Saigon by night

Saigon is Southeast Asia’s answer to Paris, the city of light. Inspired by city night view from Social Club’s window, our bartender has created a special cocktail – Saigon by Night – to celebrate the sparklings neon lights of this wonderful city.

Saigon by Night is a refreshing blend of tropical classic flavors and the aromatic pear vodka, with the sweet infusion of basil and acidity of dry white wine. Thanks to the superstar Cambodiana mango (xoài cơm), this cocktail bears the fluorescent yellow color of the sun setting down on Saigon river.

If you happens to be at Social Club after sunset, Saigon by Night is the drink to sip.


  • 7am



“Because first we drink coffee, and then we do the things.”

7 am is the time when Londoners in the CBD have their morning coffee. With heavy influence from the Victorian era, Social Club create this cocktail as a tribute to its English root and to honor the holy 7 am coffee moment of Londoners.

The cocktail starts with a base of homemade cold brew syrup from carefully sourced Vietnamese coffee beans. Barbados Rum adds a touch of boldness to the drink, only to finish with a couple notes of enticing vanilla extracts & roasted coffee beans. Lightly smoked Paychaud bitter throws a hint of pungent and smokiness to create a perfectly strong but smooth cocktail.


  • Tofu Fizz



Scotch whisky and soya milk may sound like they come from completely different worlds. One belongs to the slightly intoxicated land of happy hours and the other one, well, is a vegetarian’s staple.

But at Social Club, we found a way to marry them together in TofuFizz, a cocktail that embodies the East meets West spirit. It will may seem odd as you first encounter, but the flavors blend so well together with a layer of warm ginger extract and refreshing lemon juices.

All you need to do now is sit back, and be ready for the burst of fusion flavors from Tofu Fizz!


  • 3-cocktails-to-try-out-at-social-club-rooftop-bar
  • 3-cocktails-to-try-out-at-social-club-rooftop-bar
  • 3-cocktails-to-try-out-at-social-club-rooftop-bar


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  • 3-cocktails-to-try-out-at-social-club-rooftop-bar

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