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What pleases a woman after a long day of browsing to fulfill her spiritual needs? A long, marvelous, personal time at her favorite spa.


Hotel Des Arts shows their commitment to women’s comfort and leisure through their variety of services. After a long day of shopping to satisfy her slight retail therapy addiction, she decided to come back to the hotel to try out some of their recommended leisure amenities. As physically exhausted as she was after all the mindless strolling, the first thing that caught her eyes was their world-class spa. She was suggested to book an appointment ahead and come early for the consultation section. The spa specialist was thoughtful and considerate regarding her wants and needs while making sure that she was provided with not only good but the best service she could have asked for. Slipping into the spa-provided bathrobe, she inhaled the sweet, soothing aroma as she was led into a delightful, luxurious yet heartening room. She laid down onto a firm, warm bad and fought a losing battle against sleep due to the tranquil treatment she was receiving.

“Give your stress wings and let it fly away.”  – Terri Guillemets

After giving herself a treat at the hotel’s spa, awake a well-rested, she yearned for something more dynamic to finish her daily life. Social Club Restaurant on the 23rd floor of the hotel offers a guest-only rooftop bar along with an infinity pool, blessing her with a broad view on top of the active Saigon. A sip of cocktail while appreciating the glorious view of a whole new country where she had never been to before, yet nothing felt out of place, and her life blended in with this city’s lives, a dreamy Saigon, where people are so open-hearted and easy-going.



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Hôtel des Arts Saigon - MGallery

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