Our hectic modern lives full of deadlines and never ending to-do lists means that increasingly we are eating fewer meals at the table with our loved ones and instead, more often than not, find ourselves eating alone at our desks, in front of the television, or with our smartphones held firmly in hand. We are obsessed with making every effort to save time and multi-task but are in fact doing more harm than good to both our mental and physical well-being.

We forget that sharing mealtimes in the company of others provides many psychological, social, and biological benefits. Who says that eating as a group should only be reserved for special occasions? Make a habit of this ritual and see your mental soundness, digestive health, and overall happiness vastly improve. Click out of that Youtube browser, close Instagram and Facebook, call your family and friends, and book a table at Hôtel des Arts Saigon where a number of dining options provide the perfect setting for a fulfilling and memorable communal meal.


Hôtel des Arts Saigon

Social Club Restaurant

Take the Necessary ‘Time-Out’

Group get together provide the perfect opportunity for us to set aside a specific time of the day or week to socialise, relax, maintain and even improve our mental health. Whether it be bonding over the weekend with our families, winding down with workmates after clocking off, or just talking to someone during the week whilst savoring something decadent and good for the soul.


Hôtel des Arts Saigon

The epic premium cheese selection at Delicatessen Night


These meet ups are an opportunity to stop, to take a ‘time-out’, to reflect on our days past, to dream and plan for the days ahead, and to listen to and interact with others. Communal meal times help to ground us, providing an avenue for anxieties to be expressed and answered through the comfort of human connection.


Hôtel des Arts Saigon

Freshly shaved Jamón at Delicatessen Night


If you and your closest are in dire need of a friend’s therapy session, Delicatessen Night at Social Club’s exclusive vintage bar is the perfect cosy and intimate environment for you to offload and recuperate. From 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm every Wednesday night, forego the usual dinner and take your time to graze at your leisure on European delicacies such as shaved Jamón, juicy Spanish olives, fine French cheeses, and crusty house-made breads. Escape the dramas of life and immerse yourselves within the dark wood interiors and warm amber lighting whilst relaxing to the gentle rhythms of live jazz. Fuel the conversation and discuss each other’s tribulations over luscious free flow wine and alleviate your stress with a dip or two in the rich cheese fondue.


Hôtel des Arts Saigon

The sweet sounds of live jazz at Social Club Restaurant


Slow Down, Eat Smart, Eat Right

Saigon is loved for its buzzing energy and ‘go-go-go’ pace of life and we often don’t take the setting we create around our food consumption into consideration at all. In this day and age, especially with the rise and convenience of food delivery services, fast food and solo dining is dominating our culture. Studies have shown that people who eat alone show poorer eating habits than those who regularly eat with others. Isolated dining often leads to negative dietary patterns such as stress eating and binge eating. In a nutshell, without social influence people tend to engage in behaviours they would normally refrain from if they were in the presence of family and friends.


Hôtel des Arts Saigon

The generous and well appointed dining space at Saigon Kitchen


The act of conversing whilst eating greatly slows down the eating process which aids with digestion and bloating. Slowing down allows satiety signals from your stomach to your brain to kick in (this usually takes about 20 minutes) and is an excellent method to avoid overeating.

For those of us that are trying to improve our eating habits, when dining with friends and family think of them as your support group for making wholesome choices and better eating behaviours. In a family setting communal dining is a great tool for creating positive associations with healthy foods. Parents truly act as role models for their children, so prioritize sit-down meals and focus on selecting nutritious foods and set your little ones up for a lifetime of eating smart and eating right.


Hôtel des Arts Saigon

Piping hot, freshly steamed dumplings at Saigon Kitchen


Saigon Kitchen at Hôtel des Arts Saigon welcomes all guests and is the perfect setting for families, large get togethers, and all occasions. With the hotel’s signature floor to ceiling windows overlooking lush greenery, the space feels incredibly open and airy. Designed as an eclectic take on Asian street markets, complete with bespoke tiles and mismatched furniture, Saigon Kitchen’s generous buffet selection offers a smorgasbord of European and Asian delights.


Hôtel des Arts Saigon

Eat clean, eat fresh, at Saigon Kitchen


They say you should “Eat the colours of the rainbow” and Saigon Kitchen offers just that. An exuberant array of colourful salad selections, fresh rice paper rolls, juicy steamed dumplings, tropical fruits, and the restaurant’s ever popular Salmon Pho are all deliciously light options. And for those that crave something more western, made to order pastas, delectable roast meats, as well as seafood and skewers grilled to order will make sure that everyone in your group gets exactly what their bellies desire. Of course, we always say “What’s the point of living without treating yourself once in a while?” so head on back to the buffet and have that slice of cheesecake. You’ve earned it!


The Importance of Human Connection

The most obvious benefits of eating with others is of course social connection, and subsequently individual improvement. National UK studies show that those who eat socially on a regular basis feel happier and generally show a more satisfied outlook on life. Survey results showed that communal meals where subjects felt the closest to one another involved a larger number of diners present, more laughter and reminiscing during mealtimes, as well as alcohol. This feeling of closeness, of having a wider social network that is supportive of your emotional needs, enhances one’s sense of content and belonging.


Hôtel des Arts Saigon

Only the freshest seafood at Brunch Club


Throughout history and within many if not all cultures, communal eating with guests was widely regarded as the height of hospitality and an elite sign of social standard. In these modern times, Sunday Brunch remains a popular way to celebrate everything good in life, and Brunch Club at Hôtel des Arts Saigon’s Social Club helps celebrate in style. Every Sunday from 12pm – 3pm, gather your best mates and round out your weekend in luxury.


Hôtel des Arts Saigon

Sushi lovers rejoice! at Brunch Club


Whole lobsters cooked to order and served however you desire, freshly shucked oysters flown directly from the shores of France, the sweetest blue swimmer crabs, and endless rows of sushi, the extravagant spread at the seafood buffet will have you and your loved ones feeling like true royalty. Make your Sunday Brunch a real celebration and sip on free flow champagne, exclusive wines, and signature cocktails. Ease back into the comfortable lounge seating and laugh the afternoon away whilst savouring the musical stylings of live DJs with fabulous views of the city up high above Saigon.


Hôtel des Arts Saigon

Round out the weekend in style at Brunch Club


So pull yourself away from whichever digital screen you’re reading this from and make it a priority to organise your next culinary get together with your loved ones or peers, and remember to try your very best to make it a regular occurence. For your overall well-being set aside the time each week to catch up with friends over something delicious. Celebrate each other’s achievements and listen to each other’s struggles and vastly improve your outlook on life. With its extensive list of healthy and more decadent dining options, dedication to quality produce and attentive service, gorgeously designed interiors, and convenient central location, Hôtel des Arts Saigon is sure to become one of your favourite regulars. The perfect meeting place for you to catch up with friends, family, and peers any time and any day of the week.


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