Hôtel des Arts Saigon - MGallery - Luxury hotel - Executive Chef - Ivan Barone, the talented "conductor" behind perfect symphonies of delicacies.

Executive Chef - Ivan Barone, the talented "conductor" behind perfect symphonies of delicacies.

Began his career in 1996, Ivan Barone has more than 20 years of experience in culinary for many international luxury hotels and restaurants. With a big love of cooking, delicacies handcrafted by Ivan carry scrumptious flavors as perfect symphonies that combine local and Italian.
Growing up with grandparents in a warming family from Southern Italy and cooking is a tradition by generation. Ivan was inspired to be a talented chef by his grandma with her delightful dishes that he savored during childhood. To him, culinary is not just a career, but also his passion. The moment gourmets enjoy his dishes is his motivation.
After 08 years of living since 2014 arrived in Vietnam, Ivan loves the country as his second hometown, where his family lives. Every day, he tries to create more and more dishes that mix Vietnamese and Italian flavors. According to chef Ivan “After living in this country, I realized Vietnamese and Italian cuisine has many commons such as ingredients such as vegetables, herbs,…To me, Italian cuisine is my career soul, and Vietnamese cuisine is an inspiration to create new delicacies”

Let’s follow us and discover the unique flavors created by Chef Ivan at Hôtel des Arts Saigon – MGallery


  • executive-chef-ivan-barone-the-talented-conductor-behind-perfect-symphonies-of-delicacies
  • executive-chef-ivan-barone-the-talented-conductor-behind-perfect-symphonies-of-delicacies
  • executive-chef-ivan-barone-the-talented-conductor-behind-perfect-symphonies-of-delicacies


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  • executive-chef-ivan-barone-the-talented-conductor-behind-perfect-symphonies-of-delicacies

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