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Are you planning on a vacation and still wondering what should you know before your trip? Here are some tips from Hotel des Arts, a 5 stars boutique hotel in Saigon to help you with your precious vacation preparation.

Find a place that you have always been curious about

Are you the hiking type? Do you love beautiful beaches? Or the topical weather? Make every trip like it’s your last trip. Just because a place is a hot tourist spot doesn’t mean it’s a place you want to go. Make sure it’s a place you love, and you will never be let down.

Accommodations first

What is your plan? Where are you staying? It is always better to stay near the places you want to go, but if you can’t, it’s okay. Are you an impulsive traveler who loves wild adventures or are you a planned traveler who like staying in a luxury hotel with plenty of services so you can spend your time both inside and outside? Just remember, don’t think of your accommodations as just places to sleep, they are the places you sleep. Everyone knows how much a good sleep affects your moods right?



Alone or with friends?

Are you a solo traveler or are you a group person? It is fine to be either, but a getaway is also a good chance to build and improve your relationship with people who are dear to you. Life is too short to waste, but too long to be alone. Also, it’s a wonderful thing to talk about years from now and look back at your relationships.


Airplane mode – Explore mode

Turn off your phone or put it on airplane mode. Since this is the day of technology, we are losing touch with the rest of the world. Look up and around, there are so many things you are missing out. Everything else can wait, because you only live once.


Snacks and Medicines

Always prepare for the worst. Picky eater? Allergies? Know thyself. Don’t let your emergencies ruin your perfect vacation. Plus, snacks are never bad, aren’t they?


Travel light

If your vacation includes a lot of moving, it is best to travel light. Baggage can become a hassle, especially if you are using public transport. Most items can be found at the place of your arrival at ease.


Stop making excuses!

Waiting on the 3-day-weekend? Take a day off. Too busy to rest? Finish work in advance. Tight on money? Save up. It’s all worth it. Spend your time outside of your box, and you will earn more than you ever thought of. Because it’s a wonderful life, it’s a wonderful world.



Remember, every place has its own beauty, from Saigon with its bustling but friendly atmosphere, to Thailand with its famous Phuket island and million hectares of farmland, and everywhere else in the world, a new chapter in your life is waiting for you.


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