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Stay caffeinated in Style: A guide to Saigon's coolest cuppas

Holidays are fun, especially when one gets to cozy up at night at a boutique hotel in Saigon. But an intensely fun holiday also means an intense schedule; you’ll need regular boosts of energy. In Vietnam, that energy is derived from a beverage known as Coffee.

Here are some must try places to fix your caffeine cravings in Ho Chi Minh City.

La Viet Coffee

La Viet’s coffee made from Arabica beans grown at their specialty farm in Dalat, a picturesque mountain city at the heart of Vietnam’s central highlands. Try their dark roast Arabica brewed with a traditional metal phin filter; preferably iced and with condensed milk.

Cafe Saigon Life

Tucked within a residential alley on the same street as Hotel Des Arts. The cafe’s owner is a prolific photographer and the vintage true-to-life interior of the cafe is a testimony to his artform. A great place for authentic Saigonese brews and people watching.

Bosgaurus Coffee

The peculiar name often sparks curiosity and the espresso-based drinks here are some of the best in the city. Made with dry-processed Colombian beans of specifically the Sudan Rume varietal, these low-yield beans features highly prized genetics and exquisite flavour; not something one can find on a regular basis in Asia.

A cafe Specialty Coffee

Another café owned by a visual artist, this cafe’s focus on local grown specialty Arabica is admirable. Be sure to sample a serving of Mr Hadjim’s Typica brewed using the V60 drip.

300/2 Phan Dinh Phung

One of the few remaining places in Vietnam to brew coffee using a sock filter, owner Uncle Con is almost ninety years old. Deceptively smooth yet surprisingly powerful, this coffee style originates from the ethnic-Chinese in Southeast Asia. Some of his most loyal customers are energetic youth on speedy motorbikes. The reason? They’re open 24 hours a day!

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