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Known as the “Pearl of the Orient” in the past, Saigon is a vibrant, bustling city that never sleeps. If you plan a trip to Saigon with a partner, you will be surprised with the wide range of things to do for couples here. Lovebirds from all over can explore cultural activities during the day, and enjoy some intimate and romantic evening at restaurants. Here are some ideas we have laid out for you that will lead you towards a very unique set of romantic experiences and make your romantic getaway one to remember.


1. City view from above

Bitexco Financial Tower is currently the highest tower in Saigon and features a stunning 360-degree view that is perfect for couples to check out. On the 49th floor, Saigon Skydeck offers a stunning 360-degree view of the city where on lookers can view the crazy but mesmerizing life of Saigon below. As you scan the cities landscape, your gaze might catch sight of one of the cities iconic landmarks. The Notre Dame Cathedral. This iconic landmark is a mini version of Notre-Dame de Paris. For those who like a little flavor with their views, there are a few notable of rooftop bars in the city center like the Social Club on the Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street. Grab yourself a classic cocktail, sit back with your partner and sip away. Don’t forget to grab a few couple selfies to document your trip.

2. Blackout

Looking for something new and exciting? Daring couples may want to try dining-in-the-dark. Finding your way around the table in complete darkness certainly provides its own sense of excitement! Without your sight, four other senses are enhanced and have no choice but to fully concentrate on only two things: the food and the conversation with your other half. You can find the restaurant at 74/7D Hai Ba Trung Street.


3. Saigon opera theatre

The Opera House is one of the iconic landmarks of Saigon. If it’s on your sightseeing list, don’t forget to stop by and see some of the shows. AO show is a must-see performance due to its acrobatic acts and theatrical visual drama which depicts the charming beauty of Southern Vietnam, the lives in villages & cities. A date at the theater always promises to be stylish and sophisticated and a perfect way to end a day of adventure.


So whatever type of couple you are, Saigon is home to just about everything you need to make your trip a once in a lifetime experience.


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