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Museums in Saigon

Welcome to the captivating cultural enclave of Saigon, where every street corner resonates with captivating stories and unique artistic expressions. The “Museums in Saigon” section of our blog invites you to dive into the heart of this cultural richness. Explore art treasures, poignant testimonies of Vietnamese history, and exhibitions that celebrate the very essence of this dynamic city. Whether you’re passionate about history, contemporary art, or ancient medical traditions, Saigon’s museums offer an immersive experience that will enchant even the most curious travelers. Join us on this cultural adventure and discover the hidden treasures that make Saigon an unforgettable destination.


Welcome to the captivating world of Vietnamese art at the Saigon Fine Arts Museum, an iconic cultural institution situated in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City.

The museum houses an impressive collection of Vietnamese and international artworks spanning different eras and artistic styles. From paintings to sculptures, each piece reflects the richness of artistic creativity in Vietnam.

Explore the treasures of Vietnamese art through the centuries. From traditional Vietnamese paintings to contemporary works, each room provides a captivating glimpse into the evolution of artistic expression in the country.

The museum regularly hosts temporary exhibitions that showcase contemporary artists, emerging artistic trends, and international collaborations, adding a dynamic touch to each visit.

Engage in educational programs, from lectures to artistic workshops, offering a profound understanding of Vietnamese art and culture.

Located in District 1, the Saigon Fine Arts Museum is easily accessible from various points of interest in the city. It’s an ideal cultural stop for those exploring the heart of Ho Chi Minh City.



Welcome to the Museum of Traditional Vietnamese Medicine, also known as FiTo Museum, an enriching immersion in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City.

Step into the FiTo Museum, where the ancient wisdom of Traditional Vietnamese Medicine unfolds. This sanctuary preserves and celebrates the rich history of medicinal practices that have been an integral part of Vietnamese culture for centuries.

The FiTo Museum houses a captivating collection of artifacts, herbs, and tools that shed light on the holistic approach of Traditional Vietnamese Medicine. From ancient remedies to traditional instruments used by practitioners, each exhibit tells a story of healing and well-being.

Explore the museum’s herbal gardens, a living testament to the diverse flora essential to Vietnamese herbal medicine. Stroll through meticulously landscaped gardens, where each plant narrates a story of its medicinal properties and cultural significance.

The FiTo Museum goes beyond mere exhibitions with interactive workshops and live demonstrations. Engage in hands-on experiences to understand the preparation of herbal remedies and the principles behind acupuncture, highlighting the practical aspects of this ancient healing art. From pulse reading to tongue diagnosis, the FiTo Museum provides insights into how practitioners assess and treat ailments using ancestral techniques.

After your exploration, unwind at the museum’s tea house. Savor a cup of traditional Vietnamese herbal tea, reflecting the cultural significance of herbal infusions in daily life.

Ideally situated, it welcomes both locals and visitors to immerse themselves in the cultural heritage of Traditional Vietnamese Medicine.

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